Novi’s future depends on the choices we make today.

Mark Alafita

For City Council

Mark Alafita has seen firsthand how hard work and vision can make real change happen. After his parents relocated from Texas to Michigan in search of better opportunities, Mark’s father became a 30-year GM employee and UAW member while his mom earned her bachelor and master’s degrees to become a teacher. Education was a pathway to a better future for Mark’s family, and after earning his own bachelor and master’s degrees, Mark spent 30 years in Human Resource Management roles at Ford Motor Company and General Electric.

Since retiring from Ford in 2019, he has dedicated his time and energy to serving the local community as a member of the Novi Democrats Club, as a precinct delegate, and with the Humane Society of Huron Valley.

Mark’s favorite things to do in Novi include walking the ITC Corridor Trail and various community pathways, enjoying a delicious meal at Maisano’s, and picking up fresh food and cooking tips at the Better Health Store. Mark is committed to ensuring that Novi’s growth aligns with residents’ wants and needs, using creativity to repurpose vacant retail spaces throughout the city, and pursuing a municipal broadband solution to benefit all citizens. 

MY priorities

For too long, Novi leaders have let developers decide what’s best for our city, leaving us with both overdevelopment and abandoned storefronts. We are advocating for a Master Plan that puts citizens’ needs at the forefront, where development is used strategically to enhance our amenities while preserving Novi’s character and small-town feel. We will also repurpose vacant spaces wherever possible to increase curb appeal while bringing valued services and jobs to our community.

With more of our residents working and schooling from home these days, the internet is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity in our ever-connected society. We believe that distributing fast, high-quality internet as a municipal provider promotes both equitable access and cost savings for our community. It’s an investment that helps our students learn, our citizens apply for jobs or see a doctor, and our small businesses establish themselves, and it will have tangible benefits across Novi.

Protecting our environment and combating climate change is everyone’s responsibility, and city leaders play an important role in shaping our community’s approach to sustainability. We are committed to promoting sustainable operations across our city, from government offices to infrastructure enhancements or new developments. Together, we can reduce Novi’s environmental impact and create a city that inspires citizens to live a greener lifestyle.

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