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Ericka Thomas

Ericka Thomas knows that having a productive government and strategic city resources can make life easier for Novi residents. Having persevered through some of the same challenges our community members face, such as caring for children with special needs and aging parents, Ericka is committed to being a voice for our residents and a transparent advocate for our city.

As a software product manager for a national logistics company, Ericka’s day revolves around providing innovative solutions to the problems her clients and company face. Now, she is ready to do the same for our citizens as a Novi City Council Member.

Ericka’s favorite Novi activities include enjoying the educational events at Tollgate Farms, taking her family to see movies at Emagine Novi, and visiting the local parks and public library.

Her priorities include right-sizing development to align with our residents’ values, protecting our green spaces, providing municipal broadband for all residents, and strengthening our sense of togetherness by proposing a community center and expanding recreational opportunities. 

My Priorities

Smart, Thoughtful Development

For too long, Novi leaders have let developers decide what’s best for our city, leaving us with both overdevelopment and abandoned storefronts. We are advocating for a Master Plan that puts citizens’ needs at the forefront, where development is used strategically to enhance our amenities while preserving Novi’s character and small-town feel.

Municipal Broadband

With more of our residents working and schooling from home these days, the internet is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity in our ever-connected society. We believe that distributing fast, high-quality internet as a municipal provider promotes both equitable access and cost savings for our community.


I am committed to promoting sustainable operations across our city, from government offices to infrastructure enhancements or new developments. Together, we can reduce Novi’s environmental impact and create a city that inspires citizens to live a greener lifestyle.

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Contact Ericka

Email: VoteErickaThomas@gmail.com

Phone: 734.238.3760

Website: VoteErickaThomas.com