Brian Smith

For City Council

I believe that government provides the framework for creating our future together. I was 3 when President Kennedy challenged us to land on the moon before the decade was out. 8 years later, I watched Neil Armstrong step onto the moon’s surface. That event taught me we can create our own future and work together to make the impossible happen.

I’m an engineer – I seek out the most cost effective and efficient solution to problems.

I’m an environmentalist – I will consider the impact on the environment in every decision I make on Council.

I’m a Novi resident – I want Novi to continue to be a great place to live, work, and go to school. To achieve that, we need to plan for the future, not rest on our past successes.

I believe that the best decisions come from a diversity of viewpoints and experience – I’ll work to include everyone in Novi and make sure their time and effort in participating is well spent.

My Priorities

Parks, walking paths, and green spaces enhance the quality of life for residents of all ages. My plan for Novi includes maintaining and expanding the outdoor amenities that make our neighborhoods enjoyable and improve our collective well-being.

For too long, Novi leaders have let developers decide what’s best for our city, leaving us with both overdevelopment and abandoned storefronts. We are advocating for a Master Plan that puts citizens’ needs at the forefront, where development is used strategically to enhance our amenities while preserving Novi’s character and small-town feel. We will also repurpose vacant spaces wherever possible to increase curb appeal while bringing valued services and jobs to our community.

Novi residents deserve a City Council that accepts responsibility and works toward solutions for problems that affect our community.  This includes expanding communication outreach to all Homeowner Associations, as well as sharing best practices between our various neighborhoods.  The buck will stop with us, and we will work hard to make the right choices for all citizens.

Whether it’s public safety, fire protection, waste management or community recreation, Novi residents rely on the city to efficiently deliver on the needs of the city.  We have seen what happens when a city experiences unnecessary flooding and destruction of wetlands due to mismanagement.  We will make sure these issues are addressed.

Transparent government that residents can trust starts with communication.

Currently, talking to city council is in a 2 minute speech at a council meeting – questions and answers are not only discouraged, they aren’t even allowed! Poor communication creates an attitude of distrust, an ‘us vs them’ approach, and prevents the best ideas from coming forward.

I propose regular town hall meetings, where council and the residents can ask questions and get answers, and where ideas can be exchanged. Open communication generates better ideas, and when people are involved from the start of the process they are more invested in the results.

Residents have to trust that their elected officials are representing them, not special interests. I propose a strong Ethics Ordinance requiring City Council members to disclose contributions from interested parties prior to voting on any city matters. 


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